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Dora Foldes b. 1986, Hungary
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Zum Löwen Galerie, Gerswalde (Germany)
2016 Gallery Showroom Berliini, Berlin (Germany)
2013 Telep Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)
2013 Die Backerei, Kulturbackstube, Innsbruck (Austria)

Group Exhibitions

2016 Winterkunstkabinet, Nomad Gallery Berlin (Germany)
2014 "1" ENA Viewing Space, Budapest (Hungary)
2014 Funkhaus Berlin, (Germany)
2014 "The Black Soup", Corinthia Hotel Budapest (Hungary)
2013 Oans Gallery, Innsbruck (Austria)

Dora Foldes' most recent work turns the artist's naturalistic lens beyond the female body - main object of her previous work - in search of a genderless, more universal subject matter.

In both its source and simplicity of process, the new series of drawings and paintings continues to democratise art: reflecting the artist's fascination with art created outside of the boundaries of the established art world. Given the origins of her work, Dora Foldes coins the term insider art to interpret her creations rooting in the exploration of the unity of the Self and the Other. In a constant quest of a safer place, her work contemplates the elemental beauty of life.

Taking an observant's point of view, the artist depicts our world from a star's eye perspective and sheds light on some of its overlooked corners of happiness. The series In this land, leaves sifted starlight onto their cheeks invites the viewers to explore the present moment in its entireness to discover places of hidden stillness covered under a pile of negativity brought by the turmoil of our world.

The female body and the contemplation of its intimate functions lie in the center of Dora Foldes’ Milk and Blood series. The artist depicts the body through a naturalistic lens with regard toward its visceral, bleeding, fluid producing functions - but places it on the pedestal of contrasting sweetened aesthetics. Foldes’ works play with the unusual relationship between disgust and charm. The combination of organic forms and appeasing colors, unrefined textures and often vulgar subject matters create an intimate atmosphere, evoking corresponding emotions of tranquility and disturbance. The series of works entitled “Milk and Blood” aims at normalising bodily functions and challenging viewers to rethink their connection to the body, and its interconnectedness to the universe.

Milk and Blood. Presence and Absence. Life and Death.

Milk representing a caring, nurturing substance that is a source of our fundamental physical and emotional nutrition. Blood is a discharge present each time conception is absent. The absence of life. The presence of non-existence. The compatibility of the idea of death in life. Milk and blood transcend their meaning and become metaphors for self-nurture and acceptance. Finding inspiration in the deeper parts of consciousness, a repetitive Kusama-Bourgeoisesque, anxiety-driven motif, becomes a meditative pattern in Dora Foldes’ process and throughout her recent body of work.

Deeply fascinated by child art and outsider art, Dora Foldes’ work is created by instinct and perseverance. Although in the artistic process instinct is often transformed to consciousness and thought, the origins of her art remain visceral.